Spring Roll

Deep fried roll stuffed with carrot, cabbage, bean thread noodle, celery served with plum sauce.

3.25 $

Fresh Roll (shrimp)

Fresh mix vegetables, shrimp and noodles wrapped in soft rice paper served with hoisin peanut sauce and crushed peanuts.

5.95 $

Fried Tofu

Crispy fried tofu served with sweet chili sauce and crushed peanuts.

5.00 $

Steamed Dumplings

Steam Dumpling

Chicken, shrimp, onion, wrapped in wonton skin served with dumpling sauce.

6.95 $

Gyoza (Grill)

Ground pork and onion, wrapped in wonton skin served with
Gyoza sauce.

7.50 $

Crab Rangoon

Deep fried wonton skin stuff with imitation crab, cheese, cream cheese, onion served with plum sauce.

6.95 $

Shrimp and vegetable tempura

Chicken Satay

Grilled marinated chicken on skewers served with peanut sauce and cucumber.

8.00 $

Pork satay

Tod Mun Pla

Minced fish mixed with red curry paste, shredded, green bean, kaffir lime leaf served with fresh homemade chili sauce.

7.95 $

Pork satay

Chicken Wings

Deep fried marinated chicken wings served with sweet chili sauce and sticky rice.

10.95 $

Pork satay

Fried Crispy Pork

Tender marinated pork served with house special sauce and sticky rice.

10.95 $

Shrimp shumai (Steam)

7.50 $ 

Edamame with Salt

4.95 $

Edamame with Garlic Sauce

5.95 $

Vegetable Tempura

7.50 $

Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura

9.95 $

Soft Shell Crab Tempura

9.95 $

Shrimp and vegetable tempura


House salad

2.95 $

Yum Nuer (Thai Beef salad)

Sliced Thinly steak grilled, mixed with red onion, green onion, Thai parsley, ground rice, and Thai salad sauce.

8.95 $

Salmon Salad (Thai salmon salad)

Seared cubed salmon, red onion, lemongrass, bell pepper, lettuce, green onion, cilantro, kaffir lime leaves and chili paste salad sauce.

9.95 $

Seaweed Salad

Wakame seaweed on a bed of cucumbers, topped with sesame seeds.

6.95 $


Tuna seared rare and thinly sliced with carrots, scallions, and sesame seeds served with ponzu sauce.

10.95 $

Larb Chicken Salad

Larb Gai (Thai chicken salad)

Minced chicken with Thai herbs, ground rice, red onion, green onion, Thai parsley, mint with salad sauce.

7.95 $


Seasoned squid, cucumber, seaweed served with spicy mayo.

7.00 $

Yum Talay (Seafood salad)

Shrimp, squid, mussel, red onion, shredded carrot, green onion, tomato, celery, cilantro and lime sauce.

9.95 $

Enjoy your meal!

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